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Loma Linda Real Estate

Loma Linda, CA, is home to the world-renowned Loma Linda University Medical Center, and one of the only Blue Zones in the world, where people regularly live to over 100 years of age due to cultural/spiritual lifestyle practices supported by the town’s roots in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and ongoing city practices.  The local lifestyle is supported by local businesses/markets and proximity to activities, including a large number of parks, hiking and biking trails (and lanes), and even a waterpark/trampoline park! Many of the homes exist from the early 1900s, and in contrast to Redlands’ large Victorian homes, the houses surrounding Loma Linda University are much more modest 2-3 bedroom homes from a previous century. However, as much of South Loma Linda was constructed in the latter half of the century with the growth of the community and the Medical Center, the homes grow more modern, larger, and often more luxurious as you head into the hills.


Mark’s Favorite Loma Linda Activities:

  • Hulda Crook’s Park – Wonderful hilly park with plenty of activities for kids. Includes a dog park, tennis courts, and more.
  • Hulda Crook’s Park – Hiking Trails – Several moderate trails heading into the hills behind Loma Linda, good workouts and fun for hikers, mountain bikers, and the like.
  • Loma Linda Golf Center – Affordable, accessible driving range. Great place to blow off steam.


Mark’s Favorite Loma Linda Restaurants

  • Chapter Two – Asian Fusion. Try the yellow curry!
  • Cafe Society – Ambiance and amazing breakfast.
  • Najwa’s Mediterranean – LOVE their falafels in everything. Good variety.
  • Zero Degrees – Boba/snacks/small meals.
  • Angelo’s – My go-to local Italian food for most of my life. Spaghetti with half meat sauce, half mizithra and garlic rolls and I’m complete.